Friday, January 22, 2010

Save This Date

While I want to show more of my crafty side, I tend to not be able to express as freely as I want because all my ideas are in my head and I fee like I am not artistic enough to create my idea.....there I said it....I guess now you know...I am a closet crafter.

I hoard scrapbooking paper, ribbon, brads...oh you name it I probably have it or a small sample of it! I love paper goods, I drool over stationary and pretty envelopes. I can't help it, there is just something so beautiful about crafts and artsy things.

My current task as been creating Mimi's "Save The Dates". We found all of the materials at Michaels...Bazzil cardstock, Martha Stewart embossing kit with stamps and stamp (which actually says "Save This Date" hence the title). Her colors are Taupe, Blush and to honor her and all of beautifulness check out these etsy goodies below.



Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

So, welcome to your new beginning! It is mine as well, I am looking to undergo a site revamp to reflect my style more! I am excited to announce that mi hermana is engaged!!!! Congrats to you, Mimi!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, why not feature some bling?! One of my all-time favorite mags, Lucky featured this beautiful ring by Guy and Eva Jewelry it's such a pretty addition to any jewelry collection and at only $69, I'm sooooo sure you won't have to think twice about making a purchase!!!!!

I'm really into sequins right now because they can add their own sort of blingy appeal! I am looking for the perfect sequined top to go under a vest but instead I found this pretty lil' lady over at Arden B, it's black, embellished and tiered...could you ask for anything more....oh and it's on sale for $47.60!! The perfect dress at the perfect price for a perfect night out for drinks with the chicas!

OMG....I love these!!! They are over the top and would make any pair of skinny jeans faint!!! I know what you are thinking, is she she serious??!! Yes I am, very....indeed! I {heart} Guiseppe Zanotti for these!!! I would rock them with this lovely piece from Robert Rodriguez which also has bling of it's own!

Although I love the commercial retail, I am a huge fan of Etsy!!! I plan on making a few purchases and saw some pieces that would love to come home with me! A vintage prettie, a dainty delight and something sweet for a pretty petite, these are few of my favorite things!!! Well, I'm off to read some of my favorite blogs!

I'm done.