Sunday, December 18, 2011

The End of The Year

It's amazing how time has flow two posts down it was the beginning of the year, lol! I have to laugh otherwise I'll be upset for having left this blog hanging even though I have created another and accomplished some of my goals.

What will 2012 bring for me? I have no idea but I am looking forward to it....I have some things I'd like to try.

2012 To-Do:
More Self-Love Action Items
Collaborate with a new found blog friend
Learn to cross-stitch
2 spinning classes a wk
Yoga Every Thursday - It's free!

I'll update as I go....


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Journey....

Welcome to the Newest Year in your life! Can you believe it is 2011? I remember a time when I couldn't fathom the year 2000! So, I am excited because I am on a journey....this year is my personal walk into developing me as a person.

I have lived my entire life with the weight of my weight and my looks on my shoulders. I have never believed myself to be beautiful or even pretty. I have allowed myself to be tainted by the insecurities of mind was morphed into believing that I would never be as beautiful as others...others I will not name. I didn't think I was ugly until I was in eighth grade...I was the girl who was athletic and had no curves and the boys made sure I knew I wasn't curvy or really pretty. I remember a conversation with a male classmate where I was told I was missing two of the 3 B's....Breasts and a Booty, I had the Brains...maybe too brainy even. My life slowly spiraled out of control on the inside...on the outside, no one knew my pain and anger.

I was angry because I would never be pretty...I had resigned myself to become the ugly girl. Now, I didn't act out or start wearing all black but I picked myself apart..and I still do. If you thought I was even remotely pretty, I'd say "Thank you" and never even thought about it again.

This is my time to heal me....I am going on an Eat Pray Love journey minus the 'round the globe part and the divorce part to discover me. I need to rebuild this fragile portion of myself...the part that yearns for the beautiful swan to one day emerge. The part that thinks the mirror should've never been invented.

I am ready...I am ready for a love of self that transcends words. I want to feel it without thinking...and so it begins....


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where has the time gone?....

These past couple of weeks have flown trip to Chicago (ultra amazing) more on this later, Christmas and now New Year's is on Saturday?!

 Do you do resolutions? I have done resolutions before but they don't pan out for me. It's not that they are dumb or don't work but I am convinced that because resolutions seem like a chore, they are kinda tossed aside in my brain as another thing I have to do! So, as opposed to trying to make myself do things, I have decided on something different for this upcoming year..... my 2011 Bucket List.

Now, I know what you are thinking...aren't bucket lists for things you want to do before you die? I guess traditionally they are but, why not mix it up a little? It's like a To-Do list with a twist because for me it seems more fun and less stressful....some items will have deadlines while others are just things I want to do next year. My brain tends to rebel against deadlines...I still complete things on time but I hate having stringent time frames especially for things I might actually enjoy doing! Hence, my 2011 Bucket list is being birthed! If I don't do everything, will I feel like a horrible because I am not pressuring myself!!!!

I plan to make it a fun and interesting New Year with a larger focus on self. Becoming less available to energy vampires in my life and focusing on my ideas for the launch of my business....yep, I'm stepping out and jumping's truly about time!

What are your plans for next year?


Friday, December 3, 2010

Addicted to Shoes...I smell a sale...

Good Morning! So while I am not in the market not going to purchase any new shoes, I found out that Nine West is having their Friends and Family Event today! 30% off your entire purchase...even sale merchandise...I know, I thought the same thing! Oh and shipping is $5.00...I know, I know, insane, right?!

I am drooling over the boots and know me, I like 'em sky high....the sale is bananas! Check it out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think I have rage have you ever been so upset you could punch a wall? I let things compound in my being and then I just explode...what is wrong with me?

I want to be angry, not enraged....


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Happenin'?

I asked myself the same thing! I have allowed myself to be swallowed up into my job...I am so not excited about that! This is my breath of fresh blog! Nothing should keep me from doing this, right!? I mean I have a, homies and all of that but I started this because I love talking about what I think is noteworthy or funny or whatever!

I am not going to let my space in the blogosphere become an ancient piece that people stumble across when they hit "Next Blog"! This is my world and I am going to do my best to write everyday...even if I just have to write Hi!

On that note, today is the first day of the rest of my life....I have begun anew. As Fergie would say, I'm G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! My brain has been buzzing over how to improve upon my little space and I have a lot planned....giveaways, interviews, guest bloggers.....the works! I want to create what I feel, I love my opinion but I want to interact and connect with other bloggers!!! Ahhhhh! *Smacks self* Okay, I am better...I needed to get that out!

So anywho, In my quest to get back into the blog world, I happened upon a wonderful blog called Living Fly On A Dime. I immediately fell in love! She loves life and keeps you on your toes with her thirty finds and dining! In September on her blogaversary, she started Thrifty Threads 365 - "a year long endeavor where I will not purchase any new clothing or accessories. I can only buy second-hand items from thrift stores or flea markets. The only new goods I can purchase are underwear and  I can utilize gift cards that have been given to me (via promotional items, presents, etc)".  How awesome is that???

Soooo, I was thinking....although I have only ever donated to my local Goodwill and Salvation Army locations...maybe I should give it a shot? What do I have to lose....I mean I do love a nice new pair of shoes....Macy's always has a sale *swoon* but why not begin with a self-challenge? Am I fly enough to do this?  *Pulls up big girl Tahari pants*, of course I am!!! My plan: Since I have never thrift shopped before, I plan to do it like I was going to eat an elephant, you know one bite at a time or rather one month at a time for six months. If I survive for the first six months....I will continue on for the last six months!

My official start date will be December 13th because I have a trip to anybody wanna join me?


Friday, March 5, 2010

Did you know?

While perusing a new blog I found, something's hiding in here, I made a huge discovery that made my heart flutter! Aside from their blog being so lovely and them being the cutest couple who work together, check out their etsy shop, I found out that Pantone dubbed Turquoise color of the year!!!!!!!!! I about died!!! I loooooooooove Turquoise, if I could wear any color all day, everyday it would be turquoise!

It's a color I see and think of vast oceans and beautiful marine know, the beautiful color of the water off the coast of the remotest of the remote islands. I {heart} you turquoise, always and forever.


What's your favorite color?