Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Happenin'?

I asked myself the same thing! I have allowed myself to be swallowed up into my job...I am so not excited about that! This is my breath of fresh blog! Nothing should keep me from doing this, right!? I mean I have a, homies and all of that but I started this because I love talking about what I think is noteworthy or funny or whatever!

I am not going to let my space in the blogosphere become an ancient piece that people stumble across when they hit "Next Blog"! This is my world and I am going to do my best to write everyday...even if I just have to write Hi!

On that note, today is the first day of the rest of my life....I have begun anew. As Fergie would say, I'm G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! My brain has been buzzing over how to improve upon my little space and I have a lot planned....giveaways, interviews, guest bloggers.....the works! I want to create what I feel, I love my opinion but I want to interact and connect with other bloggers!!! Ahhhhh! *Smacks self* Okay, I am better...I needed to get that out!

So anywho, In my quest to get back into the blog world, I happened upon a wonderful blog called Living Fly On A Dime. I immediately fell in love! She loves life and keeps you on your toes with her thirty finds and dining! In September on her blogaversary, she started Thrifty Threads 365 - "a year long endeavor where I will not purchase any new clothing or accessories. I can only buy second-hand items from thrift stores or flea markets. The only new goods I can purchase are underwear and  I can utilize gift cards that have been given to me (via promotional items, presents, etc)".  How awesome is that???

Soooo, I was thinking....although I have only ever donated to my local Goodwill and Salvation Army locations...maybe I should give it a shot? What do I have to lose....I mean I do love a nice new pair of shoes....Macy's always has a sale *swoon* but why not begin with a self-challenge? Am I fly enough to do this?  *Pulls up big girl Tahari pants*, of course I am!!! My plan: Since I have never thrift shopped before, I plan to do it like I was going to eat an elephant, you know one bite at a time or rather one month at a time for six months. If I survive for the first six months....I will continue on for the last six months!

My official start date will be December 13th because I have a trip to anybody wanna join me?


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Patrice said...

I'm so glad you're joining the Thrifty Threads challenge. Thrifting can initially be intimidating but I know once you start, you'll be a pro at it. If you need any tips, encouragement, etc, feel free to reach out to me!