Friday, March 5, 2010

Did you know?

While perusing a new blog I found, something's hiding in here, I made a huge discovery that made my heart flutter! Aside from their blog being so lovely and them being the cutest couple who work together, check out their etsy shop, I found out that Pantone dubbed Turquoise color of the year!!!!!!!!! I about died!!! I loooooooooove Turquoise, if I could wear any color all day, everyday it would be turquoise!

It's a color I see and think of vast oceans and beautiful marine know, the beautiful color of the water off the coast of the remotest of the remote islands. I {heart} you turquoise, always and forever.


What's your favorite color?



Molly said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for linking to my blog! Glad I found yours! xox Molly

Rachel said...

hi ms. rubie.
um my blog may be cute, but yours is by far much cuter! i just died when i saw your header. amazing! :)
will be a faithful follower from now on. have a great weekend!
ps. ms. makes alot is awesome too. glad u found me from her

brand-eye said...

i love turquoise (and that blog). i sent you an email a few weeks ago and need to get a list of 4 things from you for your pay it forward gift. maybe it went to a junk folder? can you send me a list of 4 things you love, like or whatever (could be words, short sayings, dates, anything) to brandiadoff(at)gmail(dot)com. thanks!