Friday, February 12, 2010

Read Carefully...

So while at one point in my life I would've considered myself an avid reader but as the years have rolled on by and my life became an actual real adult life, I put reading on its pretty cherry wood shelf to be summoned when I was in the mood.

Well, I stumbled upon The Slow Readers Club while indulging in my daily blog reads. I saw Diana's ( cute button on the side and I was instantly sold! I knew I needed something to jump start my reading again and this is perfect! Don't get it twisted, this book club is not for the little bitties in your's for the grown-ups! Our first book is Half-Broke Horse by Jeannette Walls...from what I've heard, it's pretty good! Can't wait to read it and give my two cents on it!

Come join the know you want to!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Mail!

I love happy mail, I love the way it makes my heart skip a beat when I see a package with my name on it, I love carefully opening the box/envelope and ogling over goodies just for me...I love happy mail!

My HappyMail partner for January Lehua, sent me some yummy goodies to add to my stash.

A wrapped journal/book, Elsie Stickers, Making Memories Ribbon embellishments and a scrapbook!

I adore this wrapping paper, stripes and polka dots are the bestest, plus she made a chipboard tag with my name...awww, xoxo Lehua for making this extra special!