Friday, February 12, 2010

Read Carefully...

So while at one point in my life I would've considered myself an avid reader but as the years have rolled on by and my life became an actual real adult life, I put reading on its pretty cherry wood shelf to be summoned when I was in the mood.

Well, I stumbled upon The Slow Readers Club while indulging in my daily blog reads. I saw Diana's ( cute button on the side and I was instantly sold! I knew I needed something to jump start my reading again and this is perfect! Don't get it twisted, this book club is not for the little bitties in your's for the grown-ups! Our first book is Half-Broke Horse by Jeannette Walls...from what I've heard, it's pretty good! Can't wait to read it and give my two cents on it!

Come join the know you want to!


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jan said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, it was cool to see you there!