Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

So, welcome to your new beginning! It is mine as well, I am looking to undergo a site revamp to reflect my style more! I am excited to announce that mi hermana is engaged!!!! Congrats to you, Mimi!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, why not feature some bling?! One of my all-time favorite mags, Lucky featured this beautiful ring by Guy and Eva Jewelry it's such a pretty addition to any jewelry collection and at only $69, I'm sooooo sure you won't have to think twice about making a purchase!!!!!

I'm really into sequins right now because they can add their own sort of blingy appeal! I am looking for the perfect sequined top to go under a vest but instead I found this pretty lil' lady over at Arden B, it's black, embellished and tiered...could you ask for anything more....oh and it's on sale for $47.60!! The perfect dress at the perfect price for a perfect night out for drinks with the chicas!

OMG....I love these!!! They are over the top and would make any pair of skinny jeans faint!!! I know what you are thinking, is she she serious??!! Yes I am, very....indeed! I {heart} Guiseppe Zanotti for these!!! I would rock them with this lovely piece from Robert Rodriguez which also has bling of it's own!

Although I love the commercial retail, I am a huge fan of Etsy!!! I plan on making a few purchases and saw some pieces that would love to come home with me! A vintage prettie, a dainty delight and something sweet for a pretty petite, these are few of my favorite things!!! Well, I'm off to read some of my favorite blogs!

I'm done.

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stina said...

thank you SO much for your sweet birthday wishes! they made me feel really special. thank you!