Saturday, January 13, 2007

Silver Belles and Goldie Locks

So, I know that you know that I know that you wanna know what's hott for the Spring! This very early morning, I'll be focusing on the silvers and golds of it all. I was walking in the mall and almost mowed down a little boy because I was in full stride to see if my beautiful brown eye had spied what I thought I spied!!! Could it be, yes it was Louis Vuitton's Speedy Miroir Bag her name is...Silver and she will cost you $1,150...I almost cried and then I turned to my love and said I must-gotta have!!!!!

I know you're thinking, that's too much bling for me so I found you another tasty option....Fendi's Canvas/Metallic Large B Bag would suit you more subdued ladies and I believe it's worth every cent...$1,580!

Since the Spring thing to shoe is a wedge, I found some little snacks to keep your (and my) perfectly pedicures pups satisfied. Of Course, since I absolutely love Christian Louboutin his Canvas Platform Espadrille is featured first. Although, it's not silver or gold it deserves to have a place on my blog!!!! As a matter-of-fact, she is Taupe!!! What a beauty...$310...I'm not going to beg, I'm not going to beg, I'm going to plead!!!!

I need to stay focused...Yves Saint Laurent Cordoue Metallic Gold Espadrilles are a K.O and with 5" heel, you will knock 'em all dead!! A mere $490, shouldn't set you back too much right?

I love jewelry almost as much as I love shoes. What the difference between an addiction and a fetish? Don't answer that?! I don't want to know. Anywho, when looking for you neck adornments, chains and links are key. I love David Yurman's Oval link chain necklace, it's 18" long so it's perfect for day and at $4,710 you better have a good place to show it off.

I know that this little piece is a tad bit expensive, so I found an option that will work out just as well. Juicy Couture is a brand that I believe is somewhat underrated, they are not just sweats and cutesy keychains, they have some lucrative pieces in terms of jewelry and of course, they are going to be trendy.

This piece is darling, it's not too flashy, not too blingy and not a bit underclassman!! For me, this Juicy Couture Multilayer Sparrow necklace has a very Old World charm to it. There's something very graceful and elegant about the sparrows soaring across the neckline. {Did you know of the day: American or New World Sparrows are not closely related to true sparrows. They have a separate classification from Old World or True Sparrows and are more closely related to Finches. }
Anywho, I love this necklace and it's only a mere $128, so you can go kick it with your favorite chicas and still snag some drinks.

Before I let you go, I want to give you one last piece to bring in your Spring!!! I saw this and almost choked on my organic Apple Cinnamon O's! If you want to step out one night and not make a scene but sho' nuff be seen, I'm suggesting this be added to your closet. This Foley for Foley +Corinna Lurex Sweater Tunic is superb....need I say more? Oh yeah, she is $238...a small price to pay for a big statement making

I'm done.

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