Friday, January 12, 2007

This is the beginning

Yes, I am writing yet another blog...I know you're thinking this is going to be a crap blog, just look at the title!!

However, you know nothing about me or what I stand for or even what I like to eat. Yet you judge so quickly? Tsk, a little bit more open minded. I'm going to walk you through not therapy, or ask Jane nor is it a sob story on how I can't get out of bed because I'm tired of doing housework.

It's just life in general, you know...stuff people do. If you don't believe in God or Spirituality..don't read this, if you hate or absolutely abhor Fashion...please don't read this and lastly if you feel relating to others...i.e. relationships, are for the weak...I beg of you don't read this.

It's late so....I'll be quick, I'm introducing myself to the world of readers and writers. Yes, you are a reader if you are reading this and you are a writer if you have a blog or you have a journal of some sort. This is not new to me, as I have written other blogs and still write in other blogs but this blog is different because it's going to be different...for me...I'm writing about how I feel about take on the fashionable and who I relate to.

I love comments and challenges. I urge you to challenge me because in doing this I am challenging me also. Comment, don't comment, ask questions, enlist my what you wish except be rude or unbearable, I tolerate neither and I will not be that way to you.
I'm Done.

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